Heritage Building Supply


Working in association with Memphis Heritage, Inc., Heritage Building Supply seeks to promote preservation by salvaging reusable items from old buildings and offering them to the general public.

The History of HBS

For over 20 years, Memphis Heritage (MHI) held an architectural salvage fundraising auction. Old cotton carts, items from Ellis Auditorium, large varieties of architectural elements from historic buildings, even a fainting couch from the ladies’ restroom in the old Kress Building on Main Street were up for auction. Over the years, it became harder and harder to obtain these architectural items and store them for sale. A new way was found to raise funds for Memphis Heritage. Heritage Building Supply was developed so that our inventory of cool historic items could be sold regularly. 

Ron Belz and The Belz Company helped to start this venture.  For over 10 years MHI was given use of one of Belz’s warehouse buildings at no cost. The next step came when in 2016, MHI Board member, Will McGown allowed us to open a small retail shop in his building on Monroe in the historic Edge District. Word spread and regular sales increased as supporters realized they could get products they needed to restore their midtown home at HBS including doors, windows, trim, and flooring that is no longer available in regular retail outlets. 

In 2020 the warehouse was sold. MHI was fortunate to find another warehouse, a bit closer to our midtown headquarters, our current location on Rozelle Street.